Configuring Alerts within the Avast ADNM Console

In order to receive an Administrative Email Notification each time a Virus is detected by the Avast Workstation Client, it is necessary to configure the following settings within the “Avast Distributed Network Manager” (ADNM) Console:

[1] Basic SMTP Settings
Avast Alerts 003 
[2] SMTP Settings within the “Computer Catalog” Properties

Avast Alerts 001

[3] Add an SMTP Alert
Avast Alerts 004 
The “Net Alert Address” is the Address that will receive the Alert.
Avast Alerts 005 
At this point, use the “Test” Button to make sure the Alert is properly generated. A “Virus Warning” Test message should arrive at the nominated Mailbox.

[4] Configure the “On Access Scanning Tasks”

Avast Alerts 007 
This will ensure the Alert "fires” when a Virus is detected.

[5] Configure the “On Demand Scanning Tasks”

Avast Alerts 006
These should be configured in exactly the same way as the “On Demand Scanning Tasks”

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