SBS 2008: SharePoint Members Group “Access Denied”

Within the Windows SBS Console “User Preferences”, there is an option to allow access to the “Internal Web Site”: this is the http://companyweb/ SharePoint collaboration tool.

SharePoint Site Members 002

Users are then added to the “Windows SBS SharePoint_Members” Universal Security Group. In turn, this Security Group is registered within SharePoint “Users & Permissions”.

In circumstances where users are receiving an “Access Denied” error when trying to load the “Internal Web Site”, check the SharePoint permissions as follows:

  • Log onto the SBS Console as an Administrator
  • Open the “Internal Web Site” from within a Web Browser: http://companyweb/
  • Choose “Site Actions => Site Settings => Users & Permissions => People & Groups => Team Site Members”
  • Select “New => Add Users” and add the “Windows SBS SharePoint_Members” group as shown below.


SharePoint Site Members 001

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