CodeCharge Studio & SQL Server 2005 Datetime

I recently migrated one of my Database from Microsoft Access to SQL Server 2005 Express. However, the Dates did not display at all in my PHP Forms.

To ensure that SQL Server “Datetime” is displayed correctly, check the following settings within your CodeCharge Studio Project:

Project => Settings => Locales & Encoding: “Date Display Format” = “dd/mm/yyyy”

CodeCharge Studio 001

In practice, you can set the “Date Display format” (above) to anything you like. It is the default format that is used when the date format is not explicitly set on the control itself.

Project => Settings => Connections => <Connection Name> => Server: Date Format = “yyyy-mm-dd HH:nn:ss.S”

CodeCharge Studio 002

The “Text Box” Properties on each Form within the Project: Date Type = “Date”; Format = “mm/dd/yyyy”; DBFormat = “yyyy-mm-dd HH:nn:ss.S”

SQL Server Date Format 002


One thought on “CodeCharge Studio & SQL Server 2005 Datetime

  1. I have recently discovered an issue displaying the date correctly when the SQL Database “Collation” has been set to “Latin1_General_CI_AS” (SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS” works fine). I’ll look into this further.

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