Small Business Server 2008 Remote Management

Several tools are available for managing Windows Server 2008 remotely (when physical access to the server console is not possible). Normally, this would be when seated at a Windows XP or Windows 7 Workstation that is connected to the domain, either on the local network or via a VPN link.

  • Remote Desktop Session
  • Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools
  • RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools)
  • Exchange 2007 Management Tools
  • Computer Management Snap-In

Remote Desktop Session
From the remote workstation, Start Menu => Accessories => Remote Desktop Connection. Type the Server (Computer) Name; click “Connect”; and enter the admin credentials when prompted. It is important to note that for when adding new users within a Small Business Server (SBS) environment, you MUST use a Remote Desktop Session in conjunction with the “Windows SBS Console”.

Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools (AdminPak.exe)
”AdminPak” is a download from the Microsoft Web Site. Even though these tools were designed for Server 2003, they can be installed onto a Windows XP Professional Workstation in order to administer SOME of the features of Windows Server 2008. The following can be used: Active Directory Users & Computers; Active Directory Domains & Trusts; Active Directory Sites & Services; Computer Management (see below); WINS; DHCP; Event Viewer.

RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools)
A new set of administration tools is released for each version of Windows Server. Generally speaking, you would use Windows Server 2008 tools from a Windows Vista (or newer) Workstation (as they are both the same generation of operating system). For the same reason, you would use Windows 7 to remotely administer a Windows 2008 R2 Server. Download the appropriate version of RSAT for the server / workstation combination you wish to use. The tools must then be enabled on the workstation from within: Control Panel => Programs = Program & Features => Turn Windows Features On or Off.

Exchange 2007 Management Tool (E2K7SP1EN32)
Small Business Server 2008 includes a copy of Exchange Server 2007. The Exchange Management Tools can be downloaded from the Microsoft Web Site (and will run on Windows XP / Server 2003 SP1 or newer). Make sure Custom Install / Management Tools is selected.

Computer Management (compmgmt.msc)
For certain basic tasks (such as starting and stopping services), the standard “Computer Management” snap-in can be used from almost any workstation (including Windows XP). From within the console, just select “Connect to another computer” on the Action Menu.


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