XAMPP: Using MySQLDump to Backup MySQL on Windows Server 2003 and Windows 7

I couldn’t find anything specific for Backing up the MySQL Databases within XAMPP. There certainly isn’t a pre-configured routine available. In addition, MySQL Workbench (unlike its predecessor MySQL Administrator) does not provide any automated backup facility.

So, I decided to explore the use of “MySQLDump”, a command line routine that can be inserted into a batch file and executed as a “Scheduled Task”. “MySQLDump” is included as part of XAMPP and is found within “<path to XAMPP>\MySQL\bin\”.

Here is the basic syntax I used (from a command prompt):

<path to XAMPP>\MySQL\bin\MySQLDump –u root –p myrootpassword –result-file=”<path to Backup Folder>\MySQLDump.sql” –all-databases

I then copied this into a batch file (MySQLDump.bat) and used “System Tools => Scheduled Tasks” (Task Scheduler in Windows 7) to run the batch file each evening.

Of course, you must ensure that the “MySQLDump.sql” file itself is stored in a safe location and can be recovered in case of server failure / building loss.