Decommission WSUS 3 on Small Business Server

I am slowly but surely moving all of the services from Windows SBS 2008 onto our brand new Windows 2016 Server. This article covers the steps I took to decommission WSUS 3 after switching to WSUS 4.

Firstly, I checked that none of my clients were still connecting to WSUS 3. Once I established this, I manually deleted all of the client machines from the Console.

180309 WSUS Cleanup 050.jpg

Next, I set “Any” updates I had previously “Approved” to “Not Approved”.

180309 WSUS Cleanup 001.jpg

Finally, configure the WSUS server to NOT store updates locally.

WSUS 015.jpg

At this point, you can run the WSUS Server Cleanup Wizard and you should see a large amount of hard disk space reclaimed. In my case, this was almost 35GB.

WSUS 020.jpg


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