SAGE 200: Adding a Custom Menu Item

Each Sage 2010 User is associated with one or more “Roles”. Users with multiple roles can use “Switch Configuration” from the Sage 200 File Menu to choose the most appropriate one.

It is the “Role” (set within Sage System Administration) that determines the Menu Items they are presented with.

In Order to add a New Menu Item to a particular Menu, we need to complete the following Steps:

  1. Add a New Feature / Target (set within Sage System Administration).
  2. Authorise the New Feature for the Role (set within Sage System Administration).
  3. Add a New Menu Item and Link to Target (using Sage Menu Designer).

In this example, we are adding a “Sales Orders (Live)” report to “Construct” Role within Sales Order Processing.

Step 1: Add a New Feature
Features apply to the system as a whole. Start up Sage System Administrator: Sage Tools => Sage 200 => System Administrator.

Find a suitable place within the features structure and choose “Add Menu Item” from the Context Menu. In this case, we are adding a new “Feature” to “Sales Order Processing”.

For consistency, populate the “Name” field with the name of chosen Menu Item. Leave the default GUID.

Click OK.

Still within “Features”, locate the newly added Item and add a new “Target” as shown below.


  • A “Target” is simply a shortcut to a Report / Program that can appear as a Menu Item (within any Menu).
  • A Feature can contain multiple “Targets”.

Fill in the details using the screen shot below as a guide. Leave the “Target GUID” field alone.

Step 2: Authorise the New Feature within the Menu
Start up Sage System Administrator (if you have not already done so): Sage Tools => Sage 200 => System Administrator.

From within “Roles”, select the appropriate “Role Name” (that matches the Menu) and then select “Features”.

Locate the new Menu Item within the Tree and ensure that “Sales Orders (Live)” is checked.

Click OK.

Step 3: Add a New Menu Item
In this final Step, we will actually create the Menu Item and link it to the “Target” created above.

Start up Sage 200 / MMS using a valid Username and Password (must be an Administrator) and select “Menu Design Mode” from the Tools Menu.

Select the Appropriate Menu (Desktop) using the Desktop Design Toolbox. Since we are adding a new item to the “Construct” menu, we need to choose “Construct” from the list.

Find a suitable place in the menu structure, then “Right Click” with the mouse and choose “Add Menu Item”.

Use the example below as a guide to completing the fields.

Choose “Existing Target” and then “Select Target”.

Locate the newly added Feature and then Click “Select.

Leave the default Icon alone. Click “Save”.

To move the new Menu Item further up the Menu Tree, select “Move Up” on the context Menu.

Save the Menu Changes when complete.

Close the Menu Designer and return to Sage 2010.

That’s basically it. All users using the “Construct” menu should now have a new report to play with.

Stephen Holder
28 August 2015

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