GoPro 7 and YouTube Live Streaming

This article covers setting up a YouTube Live Stream using a GoPro 7 Black and an iPhone 6.

Well, that was the intention. However, having gone through the necessity steps to get this up and running, it turns out that there is a minus of 1000 subscribers required before YouTube streaming is permitted.

Bluetooth and WiFi

The GoPro has Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity built in (GoPro 5 and newer).

Bluetooth is used only for “waking the camera up” from a low power wireless state.  After waking up the camera, you still need the camera to connect to the mobile device via Wi-Fi for any additional functionality (preview, start/stop, mode changing, etc.).

Keep in mind if bluetooth gets disconnected from the camera then the user will need to go back into their mobile device’s bluetooth settings and reconnect. 

Is connectivity Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

Both. The camera and mobile app use both technologies in different contexts.  Wi-Fi is still used for connect and control, preview, etc. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is used for initial set-up and staying connected with camera.  The GoPro App can “wake up the camera” over BLE

Connecting the GoPro to the iPhone App.

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