Hiding “Likes” on your Twitter Feed

If you prefer that your Twitter Feed contains original content rather than an endless stream of Tweets that have been “liked” by those that you follow, you may wish to try the steps below. Unfortunately, you can’t block “liked” posts across the board, but you can clamp down on the worst offenders. The first step … Continue reading Hiding “Likes” on your Twitter Feed

GoPro 7 and YouTube Live Streaming

This article covers setting up a YouTube Live Stream using a GoPro 7 Black and an iPhone 6. - Well, that was the intention. However, having gone through the necessity steps to get this up and running, it turns out that there is a minus of 1000 subscribers required before YouTube streaming is permitted. Bluetooth … Continue reading GoPro 7 and YouTube Live Streaming

Sage Payroll “No Updates Were Installed” Error

Occasionally, you may find that the Sage Payroll “Software Update” routine continue prompt for an update that has been installed previously. After hitting “Install Now”, you get a further notification that “No Updates Were Installed”. - - This is infuriating, but simple enough to resolve. Delete the “softwareupdates.dat” file from within the “C:\ProgramData\Sage\SBD Software Updates” … Continue reading Sage Payroll “No Updates Were Installed” Error