Remote Administration of VPN Client Computers

Within the Microsoft Environment, Remote VPN Client Computers do not register themselves within DNS. Additionally, DHCP entries are attributed to “RAS” rather than the host name of the clients. This means that remotely administering a VPN Client machine using the Host Name isn’t going to be possible. However, I did have some success using the … Continue reading Remote Administration of VPN Client Computers

Uninstalling Sage Construction

If you run into problems trying to Re-Install or Upgrade Sage Contruct, it is often neccesary to completely remove the existing Installation. The following text describes how to completely remove Sage Construct from a Workstation: [1] Uninstall all "R5" Programs using Control Panel [2] Uninstall the "Construct" Program Using Control Panel [3] Use the "Windows Installer Cleanup" Utility to … Continue reading Uninstalling Sage Construction

Disabling the “http://companyweb” Annonyance

If you are running Small Business Server 2008, your users may be tired of the system constantly resetting their Internet Explorer  "Home Page" back to http://companyweb. This feature can be disabled by starting up the "Group Policy Management" Console (gpmc.msc) and then editing the "Windows SBS User Policy" GPO . The setting you need to change can be found … Continue reading Disabling the “http://companyweb” Annonyance

WARNING: “Shared Folders” and Microsoft Virtual PC

Microsoft Virtual PC includes a "Shared Folder" facility to enable the Guest Operating System to access files on the Host's Hard Disk Drive. This seems to work fine for small files, but I recently discovered this to be extremely unreliable when transferring very large files. In my case, this was "forklifting" 5GB worth of Exchange Server Database files. … Continue reading WARNING: “Shared Folders” and Microsoft Virtual PC

“No Lightscribe Drives Found”

If you are having difficulty getting your LightScribe drive recognised within Windows XP (despite installing the latest software drivers), it may be worth checking that the "allocatecdroms" registry key within "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon" is set to "0".   Alternatively, this can be set within the local group policy (or indeed the domain policy) by DISABLING "Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security … Continue reading “No Lightscribe Drives Found”