Dell OpenManage: Virtual Drives and Windows Disk Management

Recently, I fired up an old Dell R510 server, and discovered that one of the RAID 1 arrays was degraded. It is a fairly straight forward process to replace the drive and allow the array to rebuild.

However, I have three identically sized arrays and it occurred to me that there was no obvious way to to identify which one of the Windows OS Disks was affected by the failure. Out of the the three arrays, one is the Operating System Drive, and the other two are (empty) Data Drives.

After a bit of cross referencing, it seems that the “Target Name” within the OpenManage Console is the key to solving this riddle.

You can see above that the degraded Virtual Disk is “Virtual Disk0” and the device name is “Windows Disk 0“. If we now look at “Disk Management” within the Windows Operating System, we can cross reference this to “Disk 0” and determine the affected disk.

This is useful information, because now I can choose to either repair the array, or remove the drives completely.

If I remove the array, I now have a spare drive for a rainy day.

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